11 Cool Facts About Irish Wolfhounds You Probably Didn’t Know

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IrishWolfhound_heroWolfhound is one of the most unusual dog breeds on the planet. It is gentle, calm, and the best part, responds well to training. If you thought that these unique traits came from nothing, you thought wrong.

Here facts about Wolfhound that will leave you baffled

1. Wolfhounds were used as war dogs in Ireland

The Irish wolfhound is without a doubt gentle, but don’t be fooled. This dog was a war dog and was used in battles. One of the reasons they were bred in the past is because they were tall. And for this reason, the Irish soldiers used them as war dogs to bring down the enemy knights off their horses. Also, they worked well as hunting dogs to catch big animals.

2. Wolfhounds don’t walk like normal dogs

Did you think that wolfhounds trot or run like any other dog? They don’t. Wolfhounds gallop just like horses. In fact, if you see it from a distance galloping, you might not think it is a dog.

3. It is the tallest dog ever on the planet

Many people think that the Great Dane is the tallest. According to history, Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog ever on the globe. One fact is, they can grow up to 7 feet tall and if they stand on their hind legs, their height will pass the height of an average human being.

4. Wolfhounds didn’t use to be gentle as you see them today

If you see a wolfhound today, you can’t imagine that this dog breed was one of the fiercest in the ancient times. The ancestors of wolfhound were not different from any other aggressive animal in the wild. If the dog was left to wander, every guest had to be secured inside the house, or else he or she would be at risk of being jumped.

5. It was a valuable gift to give a Roman king or princes

In the year 391, Irish wolfhound was one of the most popular dogs in Rome. During this time, Consul Quintus Aurelius would receive seven wolfhounds as a gift. They were also given to Princess as well as other kings as a gift. This practice went on until the law banned the exportation of dogs to foreign countries.

6. Wolfhounds are not better watchdogs

If you want a dog breed that can watch your property, then wolfhound is not your best choice. More often they don’t get too aggressive when in domestication. Even though Wolfhounds are large sized and would intimidate any intruder, they won’t react easily.

7. Wolfhounds used to be fiercer than wolfs

Irish can seem gentle, but believe it or not; this dog breed used to be more dangerous than a wolf. Apart from hunting large animals, many Irish locals used wolfhound to chase away or kill wolves that threatened their lives.

8. It is among the oldest dog breeds

Irish wolfhound didn’t come into the scene yesterday. It is has seen thousands of years come and go. Some historians say that it even existed in 237 BC.

9. Wolfhounds have to exercise regularly to stay fit

Unlike any other dog breed, Irish wolfhounds are not just born to eat and sit around. Since they are natural hunters, they need to stay active to maintain a healthy life. They need to exercise regularly to stay healthy.

10. Wolfhounds are excellent diggers

This dog breed can dig its way out of anything, especially if it feels confined. If you want it to stay indoors, it is important that you secure the area or housing that you are keeping it. If it is your compound, make sure that what is holding your fence to the ground is at least some cement or stones.

11. It is one of the smartest dog breeds on the planet

Unlike many other dog breeds, wolfhounds are easy to train. Because they are intelligent, they understand commands much faster. So, you will have an easy time teaching them. Visit dog obedience training site to learn how to effectively train your puppies on your own.

If you have this amazing dog breed, then you must agree that it is the true definition of man’s best friend. Unlike many other dogs, it gets along with almost everyone including children, adults and other pets. These are just a few facts about wolfhounds that probably you didn’t know.

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